President Of Russia Thanked Leaders Of 12 CIS Member Countries For Their Arrival At Commonwealth's Summit

President of Russia Vladimir Putin has thanked 12 leaders of the CIS member countries for having come to the summit of the Commonwealth of Independent States. The head of the Russian state noted that the CIS leaders had deemed it possible to come to Moscow in keeping with the accord attained at the previous meeting, in spite of many problems and questions "due to be promptly resolved" in their countries. The Russian leader proposed summing up the results of the decade that passed from the day of the formation of the CIS, as well as "talking about the present-day situation" and "a little looking to the future together". Putin noted that at first an exchange of opinion among all the CIS leaders in the narrow format would be held, and then plenary meeting with the participation of the sides' delegations would take place. In his capacity of the chairman of the CIS Council of Heads of State Vladimir Putin congratulated all those present on the approaching anniversary of the Commonwealth.