Moscow Welcomes UN General Assembly's Resolution

Moscow welcomes the adoption by the UN General Assembly of a resolution in support of the preservation and observance of the ABM Treaty. The statement by the official spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Alexander Yakovenko, reads that 84 countries supported the resolution, 61 countries abstained and 4 voted against it. "The results of the voting testify to an increased support the Treaty is receiving in the world and to the intention not to let it be destroyed," the document reads. "Russia sticks to a fundamental conviction," the document reads, "that the Treaty has proved its viability as the corner stone of a whole system of agreements on disarmament, arms control and non-proliferation of weapons which has formed for decades." The 1972 ABM Treaty provides for a further reduction of strategic offensive weapons, stability and predictability on the global scale as well as lays new security bases meeting the interests of the international community.