Bin Laden's Agents Are All Over World

Osama bin Laden the "number one terrorist" has "sleeping" agents in many countries across the world. They carry out money laundering operations, recruit volunteers and possible intelligence gathering. This was published on Friday in the Kuwait newspaper "Al-Kabas". According to the newspaper, 110 Persian Gulf citizens have undergone specialist training for this purpose in two Al-Quaeda camps close to the Aghan town of Jalalabad. The newspaper indicated, that it was easier for Gulf citizens to obtain visas for Western countries, there they become legitimised and can open bank accounts etc. Al-Kabas stressed, that the "sleeping" agents, as a rule, do not take part in terrorist acts and are not invoved in fighting. It was earlier reported that one of the legal ways of covering the activities of Al-Quaeda is international honey trading. In addition international commercial organisations and companies are linked to terrorism, which include exchange-offices, investment funds, trading firms and others.