The Presence Of Collective Peace-keeping Forces In Georgia- Abkhazia Conflict Zone Under Question

In Moscow at the ongoing CIS Summit the question of the presence of the CIS peacekeeping force in the Abkhazian conflict zone may be discussed. It was not ruled out by a working group of experts, who were preparing the analytical report the "Results of 10 years of CIS activity and the problems in perspective". According to them, whether peacekeeping forces stay in the conflict zone or not depends on the choice by the Georgian side. The experts recalled that the term of stay and mandate of these peacekeeping forces runs out on the 31st December of this year. Sources again underlined that the main Russian position, which has been set out by President Putin, remains unchanged: Russian military personnel are based in the conflict zone on the decision of the Council of CIS Heads of States, which was taken on the request of Georgia.