Pashtoon Leader Abdul Qadir Abandons Conference On Afghanistan Held In Bonn

One of the Pashtoon leaders Haji Abdul Qadir abandoned the quadripartite intra-Afghan conference being held in Bonn under the UN auspices. The reason for such a step made by the governor of the Afghan province of Nangarhar is "differences" between members of the Northern Alliance delegation. The differences concern, in particular, issues of setting up a transitional government of Afghanistan. Meanwhile, UN representative Ahmad Fawsi stated that the conference is a venue of "heated talks about the strength and composition of the transitional government of Afghanistan." According to a report of the AP agency, the government is likely to comprise 15-25 ministers, while the Supreme Council - an interim parliament of Afghanistan - 120-200 people. Meanwhile, a meeting of representatives of Afghan charitable organisations, entrepreneurs and scientists involving about 80 people, has opened in Bonn Friday. According to data provided by the DDP agency, the meeting focus on "building civil society in the post-Taliban epoch." The forum is expected to last for three days. Apart from Afghan political emigrants, who currently live in European countries, representatives of Afghan diaspora from Iran and Pakistan are attending the meeting.