CIS Leaders Resolved To Early Settle Armed Conflicts In CIS

The CIS leaders have summed up the results of their Friday meeting in Moscow by adopting a joint statement, in which they expressed their intention to have all armed conflicts on the territory of the CIS settled by peaceful means as soon as possible. Settlement of conflicts should be based on universally accepted norms of international law and handled with the help of the currently underused peacekeeping potential of the Commonwealth, reads the document, which also points out the leading role of Russia in peacekeeping operations in the CIS and, simultaneously, the importance of "a more just distribution of the burden of peacekeeping activity" between CIS members. Apart from that, CIS leaders intend to improve military and military-and-technical cooperation between CIS members. The same goes for cooperation in the common effort to combat organised crime and observe human rights and freedoms, and interaction in the humanitarian sphere. The statement also stresses the importance of forming a common legal space orientated to international legal standards.