Kuchma Praises CIS Summit Results

Ukraine's President Leonid Kuchma has given a high appraisal to the CIS jubilee summit in Moscow. In an interview with RIA Novosti and RTR television, Kuchma asserted that "the summit was a success" and none of the summiteers "doubted" that fact. Kuchma underscored that he recognizes the success of the summit not because it is marking the 10-th anniversary of the Commonwealth but because it helped "us realise that we cannot live separately, as far as the economic, political or humanitarian field go." "It was like our eyes opened all of a sudden. Maybe God enlightened us," said President Kuchma. Speaking of Russo-Ukrainian relations, Kuchma stressed that nowadays there is no need to remind of historical affinity of our peoples. This is reality, and we cannot deny it," he said. The President's opinion is that what happened during his Moscow visit is a "landmark" in the chronicle of Russo-Ukrainian relations. "None of us can exist alone," said the Ukrainian head of state. He remarked that Russia and Ukraine should be good neighbours. "We are brotherly nations, fate has bound us together," the President underlined. He even believes in similarity of national mentalities. "We feel uneasy abroad, same as you, we are different - honest and sincere," said the President. "It means that we must trust each other. I hope this is the way we are going to co-exist," he summed up. On Friday evening, Leonid Kuchma rounded off his Moscow visit and flew for Kiev.