OSCE To Adopt Plan Of Actions Against Terrorism

International terrorism is an essential threat to human values, security, and stability, said Monday Romanian Foreign Minister Mircea Dan Geoana, the incumbent OSCE Chairman, while opening the 9th Ministerial Council of OSCE in Bucharest. According to him, the September 11th terrorist assault on the US made the whole international community, including the OSCE, revise dramatically the term of security. The OSCE incumbent chairman said that a new feeling of unity and common responsibility had shaped out in the world community, as a result of this tragedy. Geoana pointed out that the OSCE Declaration reflected the OSCE's responsibility for peace and security of all its members. The Declaration condemns all kinds of terrorism and extremism. In addition, the participants in the 9th OSCE Ministerial Conference are expected to adopt on Tuesday a plan of actions against international terrorism. Geoana pointed out that the conference on security and stability in Central Asia to be held in Bishkek on December 12-13 would be the first essential move to implement this plan. According to the OSCE incumbent chairman, his organization is not only able to act as one of crucial institutions in the fight against terrorism, but also to erode social and political bases of terrorism, which give an opportunity to exploit extremist ideology.