Pakistani Newspaper Discloses Details Of US Marines Losses

Last Saturday 40 coffins containing the bodies of US Marines killed in Afghanistan were transferred to the military base at Dalbandin (Baluchistan province) and then onto Jacobabad (Sindh province) in Pakistan. This was disclosed by the Pakistani newspaper "Frontier Post". It also claimed that all the marines were allegedly killed last week during surprise suicidal attacks by the Taliban on marine detachments close to Spinbuldak and Takhta-Pul. Both towns are situated on the road that links Kandahar with Quetta in Pakistan. Joint Anti-terrorist Coalition Press Centre representatives admitted that there had been "some losses" among US military personnel, but did not give specific numbers, the newspaper stated. There have also been numerous victims among the Taliban, but due to a lack of communication with Afghanistan and the continuing intensive bombing of the Kandahar region, exact details are still difficult to establish.