OSCE Council Of Foreign Ministers To Make Anti-terrorist Statement

Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov expressed satisfaction with the fact that the OSCE Council of Foreign Ministers is likely to make a statement on the OSCE role in the anti-terrorist sphere following the complicated talks. "Thus, we are introducing a new important amendment to the OSCE mandate and confirm the OSCE role in the global peace consolidation and stability under the UN auspices and strict respect of the international law," Ivanov said. According to the Russian Foreign Minister, the OSCE practical role in combating international terrorism mentioned in this statement makes the OSCE reforming even more vital. "Russia has always supported profound and overall OSCE renovation in order to secure its deserved place in the international system of cooperation and security," Ivanov said. Therefore, the current meeting of the Foreign Ministers' Council "is sure to become a significant event in the OSCE history and in the establishment of a new system of the European security," the Russian Foreign Minister said.