Russian Foreign Minister Comes Out For Preserving OSCE, Unique Institute Of Inter-state Collaboration

Russian foreign minister Igor Ivanov comes out for treating cautiously the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) as a unique mechanism of inter-state collaboration. According to him, this is precisely the main conclusion which can be made on the results of the session of the OSCE council of foreign ministers being held in the Romanian capital. Ivanov declared that "the understanding of common threats in the security sphere should outweigh contradictions and differences concerning several particular problems." "It is far more important to coordinate real steps for strengthening the role of OSCE in Europe," he believes. The minister stressed that the session of the OSCE council of foreign ministers was being held "in a difficult moment for the development of European and world affairs". According to him, the unprecedented challenge of international terrorism requested from all countries to make equally unprecedented efforts to strengthen solidarity and mutual support. "It is obvious that Europe in the name of OSCE, its most universal and representative regional structure, cannot stand aloof from these efforts," Igor Ivanov pointed out.