Withdrawal Of Russian Ammunition From Transdniestria Launched

The first special train with munitions which have been kept at the depot of the limited group of Russian troops in the self-proclaimed republic is ready to be sent to Russia from Trans-Dniestria. The train will withdraw the first 500 tons from the 42,000 tons of ammunition kept there, the administration of the non-recognised republic told RIA Novosti. The ammunition is being evacuated in keeping with the protocol the Russian Defence Ministry and the Trans-Dniestrian leadership signed on November 21. The document provides for the withdrawal to Russia of 12,000 tons of munitions before June 2002. A special agreement is to fix the time for withdrawing another 4,000. The remaining 26,000 tons are due to be dismantled on the spot according to the June agreement between officials from the OSCE, Russia and Trans-Dniestria.