American Congressman Say Washington Is Not Interested In Signing Written Accords With Moscow On Strategic Offensive Weapons

American congressman, member of the Armed Services Committee of the US Congress believes that Washington is not interested in concluding any written accords with Moscow on questions of strategic offensive weapons and anti-missile defence (ABM). Decisions on the possible preparation of such document should have been made by the US State Secretary and President Bush, Weldon pointed out. Answering the question put by RIA Novosti, Weldon declared that there is no need today to put down our accords on paper. In this case each word should have been discussed for a long time. We are friends and we should trust each other, the congressman said and recalled that the US does not put down on paper the accords reached with its European partners, Japan and Canada. Weldon also pointed out that president Bush had declared about Washington's readiness to reduce the arsenal of nuclear offensive weapons by two-thirds. Vladimir Putin advanced a similar initiative. According to Weldon, George Bush also stressed that Washington does not need to hold long-term and comprehensive discussions on separate provisions of the treaty since the situation may change with time. The congressman expressed confidence that as a result of negotiations now being held by Moscow and Washington on these issues we all will live in a safer world. He also expressed opinion that the USA and Russia have wide possibilities for cooperation in creating anti-missile technologies.