More Palestinians Killed In Gaza Strip And On Western Bank Of Jordan River

Thirteen Palestinians have been killed over the past few hours of the Israeli military operation in Palestinian towns located on the Western Bank of the Jordan river and in Gaza Strip. This information was disclosed by Yasser Abed Rabbo, the PNA Minister of Information. He also called on the US administration to "stop the Israeli aggressor." Nevertheless, Israeli military operation in the Palestinian authority is continuing. It is conducted in response to the Wednesday terror act near the Immanuel settlement outside Nablus, which claimed 10 lives and left 30 Israelis wounded. According to the latest data, missile strikes delivered on the Gaza Strip by Israeli helicopters were followed by the invasion of Israeli tanks, which have divided the Gaza into three isolated parts. In particular, tanks have totally blocked Palestinian refugee camps in Khan Younis and Rafiah, Southern Gaza Strip. Tanks have also been deployed to Ramallah, a large Palestinian town of the Western Bank of the Jordan river and the residence of Yasser Arafat, the head of the Palestinian National Authority. At least 10 missiles have been launched on Ramallah before the deployment of tanks. Nablus, another Palestinian town on the Western bank, has also been shelled.