White House Welcomes Vladimir Putin's ABM Announcement

The USA "welcomes Vladimir Putin's Thursday evening announcement" that followed the States' decision to withdraw from the Anti-ballistic Missile Treaty. The USA agrees with the Russian president that this decision "poses no threat to the national security of the Russian Federation," reads a special statement released by the White House press service. "The USA welcomes Russia's adherence to the principles of offensive nuclear forces cuts," says the document, which also stresses that Russia's Thursday decision to further reduce nuclear weapons and its intention to "continue close consultations with the USA" "reflect our mutual desire" to go on working on "a new type of relations for the new century." Pointing out that the two countries' willingness to further reduce their nuclear arsenals can result in the lowest level of nuclear armaments "in decades," the press service stresses that the USA "will carry on with its effort to formalize US-Russia pacts dealing with offensive weapons, control and transparency measures included."