Namibia Attentively Follows Us-russian Nmd Consultations

Namibia is attentively following the Russian-US consultations on the ABM Treaty's future and other key issues of strategic stability, said Namibian Foreign Minister Theo-Ben Gurirab, while opening the talks with his Russian colleague Igor Ivanov. "We hoped you would persuade the USA that it is necessary to maintain the ABM Treaty," Gurirab said. According to him, yesterday's statement by President Bush that America will quit the treaty, opens a new page in the global system of strategic stability. Gurirab emphasised that since the Pelindab agreement on a nuclear-free zone in Africa was signed in 1994, Namibia has been a strong advocate of comprehensive nuclear disarmament. Windhoek believes that there is an opportunity to employ nuclear technologies for peaceful purposes. According to the Namibian Foreign Minister, his country hopes that the cooperation of Russia with the European Union and NATO would result in signing corresponding agreements that would promote stability and security in Europe, as well as the development of economic and trade cooperation. Namibia believes that Russia is playing a crucial role in Europe not only within the G-8, but also in all key European institutions and structures. Ivanov stressed in his turn that Russia would firmly stand for enhancement as well as for preserving the global strategic stability. He emphasized that interests of both Russia's national stability and that of the whole world were crucial for Moscow. He also thanked Namibia for its constant backing of the ABM-supporting draft resolution that has been debated in the UN General Assembly over the past three years.