Un And Uzbekistan Sign Protocol Of Assistance In Delivering Humanitarian Cargoes To Afghanistan

The United Nations and the Uzbek government have signed a protocol of assistance in delivering humanitarian aid to Afghanistan. The document has been signed by Foreign Minister Abdulaziz Kamilov for Uzbekistan and by Resident Coordinator Richard Conroy, for the United Nations. The protocol will be regulating issues related to the use of Uzbekistan's airspace and its ground transportation infrastructure, including the bridge across the Amu Darya River, in delivering humanitarian aid to Afghanistan. Under the document, the UN shall submit to the Uzbek Emergencies Ministry copies of all reports about the movement of foodstuffs and other types of freights across the Amu Darya bridge. The Uzbek government permits duty-free transit of all humanitarian cargoes that are sent to Afghanistan by the UN or international governmental and non-governmental organizations involved in the relief effort.