Indonesia: Nude wives distract forest guards

Wood thieves in Indonesia have discovered that crime pays. Wives of wood thieves are being strategically placed to distract the forest guards with acts of striptease, holding their attention until the bare truths are revealed, by which time, the wood has gone.

The Indonesian daily “Jakarta Post” reports that the wood thieves prepare their operations weeks in advance. The wood is cut and stored as logs, the main problem being to load it onto lorries for transportation. It is here that the wives of the wood thieves come into play.

Standing at the roadside, they wait until the forest guards appear and then, the striptease act begins. The forest guards are transfixed by the show and while they are spellbound, the logs disappear.

A government official explained “Hard as these men may be, the guards do not have the courage to act against nude housewives”.

Hard indeed is the fight to stop the unscrupulous from destroying Indonesia’s rain forest and natural environment, another of the lungs of the world, besides the Amazon in Brazil.


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