Zimbabwe: Opposition leader intimidated

The leader of the opposition group Movement for Democratic Change was held at Harare central police station after police officers had searched his home and found a two-way radio.

Although this would be a normal piece of equipment in most other countries, in Zimbabwe, it was sufficient for the leader of the opposition party, ahead in the opinion polls against the standing president, Robert Mugabe, to be detained. President Mugabe has accused the opposition of terrorising his supporters but the fact is that the government employs paid thugs to beat up and kill opposition party members.

The general election will take place next march. Robert Mugabe has accused the opposition party of being a “terrorist organisation”, preparing the path for a police clampdown if this party should win the election.

Robert Mugabe has systematically destroyed his country’s economy since coming to power 21 years ago. His latest fiasco was to expel the white farmers, the mainstay of the country’s economy.