German Professor Satisfied With Yeltsin's Health

Professor Roland Hetzer, Director of the German Heart Center, said he is satisfied with the state of First Russian President Boris Yeltsin's health. Yeltsin is feeling well, Hetzer said in a statement. He went on to say that the First President had traveled to Berlin accompanied by "his own doctors" for what Hetzer said was to be "a second opinion" on his condition 5 years since his multiple bypass surgery. Hetzer disclosed that German Heart Center doctors had examined the former Russian president and found that both "the result of the operation" of five years ago and his present state of health "can still be assessed [...] as very good." RIA Novosti sources indicate that Yeltsin plans to come back to Moscow Tuesday, December 18. Professor Hetzer is a renowned expert on open heart surgery, and has for many years worked with Professor Michael DeBakey who consulted Yeltsin during the surgery in 1996.