Minsk Gives High Appraisal Of Days Of Russian Culture In Belarus

The Days of the Russian Culture in Belarus ended with the play "Wolves and Sheep" by A.Ostrovsky in the evening on December 17. Spectators cheered the actors of the State Academic Maly Theatre (Moscow) with a storm of applause. The beginning of the Days on December 13 was marked by the same storm of applause of Minsk music lovers to the Tchaikovsky Grand Symphony Orchestra conducted by Vladimir Fedoseyev and the Moscow State Academic Chamber Choir conducted by Vladimir Minin. The audience heartily welcomed "the Russian Paganini" Maxim Fedotov, the State Academic Kuban Cossack Choir and the joint performance of the Bolshoi Theatre soloists Maria Gavrilova and Pavel Chernykh and Belarussian singers in the opera "Eugene Onegin". Belarussian lovers of fine art could visit the exhibition "The Russian Art of the 18th-20th centuries" and acquaint themselves with the works by Muscovite Sergei Andriyaka who restored the unique technique of multi-coat water-colours. "For the first time within the last 10 years Russia has shown the genuine heights of its culture to Belarus and enabled Belarussian lovers of art to enjoy its richness," First Deputy of the Belarussian Minister of Culture Vladimir Rylatko told RIA Novosti.