Moscow, Beijing Disapprove Of Us Abm Withdrawal

Moscow and Beijing think US argumentation for its decision to unilaterally withdraw from the 1972 ABM Treaty "does not stand any criticism." As RIA Novosti knows from knowledgeable sources in Moscow, this has been declared during Russo-Chinese consultations on strategic stability in Moscow. Russia and Beijing believe there is no such thing, either now or in a longer perspective, as a missile threat allegedly posed some countries, something the US justifies its withdrawal from the 1972 ABM Treaty by. Moscow and Beijing do not connive at the problem of missile proliferation. However, they are sure these issues may be settled by means of direct contacts with the leadership of the states whose activity is doubtful, said the sources. According to the sources, Russia and Beijing share the opinion that the true aims of the US pullout from the ABM Treaty differ from the declared ones. Washington is pursuing the aim to finance, at the American taxpayers' expense, a technological breakthrough of private American companies seeking to ensure US dominance in key areas. Among other aims, are the urge to achieve absolute security of the US at the expense of other countries, as well as to neutralize the deterrence potential possessed now by Russia and China, according to Moscow and Beijing officials.

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