Romanian Prime Minister: Bucharest To Give New Impulse To Russian-Romanian Relations

Romania is interested in stable partnership with Russia, Romanian Prime Minister Adrian Nastase told the country's parliament. According to him, Bucharest is willing to give a new impulse to trade and economic relations with Moscow. According to Nastase, contacts in parliamentary sphere, the diplomatic dialogue between the two country's foreign ministries and the OSCE and the expansion of economic links are the preconditions for the revival of bilateral cooperation. The Prime Minister also pointed out the considerable progress in the negotiations on the conclusion of the basic political treaty between Russia and Romania. Judging by the course of the negotiations, all problems will be solved soon, Nastase believes. The Romanian Prime Minister is expected to visit Moscow in January 2002 and to sign several bilateral documents. According to Adrian Nastase, Romania is guided by the West but does not ignore the East. The relations with Ukraine are open and pragmatic, but the relations with Moldova are unstable, Nastase said. Romanian geographical and strategic position allows the European Union to realize its economic interests in the Caspian region and in Central Asia, the Premier believes.