Pakistani Nuclear Physicists Turned Information On Making Nuclear Arms Over To Ben Laden

Pakistani nuclear specialists turned information on making nuclear arms over to ben Laden and Mullah Omar, the White House press service reported. The report says that a group of top officials of the Tamir-i-Nau (TIN) organisation, set up by Pakistani nuclear specialists, met with ben Laden and Mullah Omar during 2001 and turned over to them information on making weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear arms. According to the White House information, TIN was established by former director of the Pakistani Nuclear Commission Bashiruddin Mahmud, former high-ranking official of the Commission Abdul Majid and industrialist Toufile. Mahmud advocates transfer of enriched uranium and weapon-grade plutonium to Islamic states. According to the press service, this year Bashiruddin Mahmud met with Osama ben Laden and Mullah Omar and shared with them technologies necessary for making atomic weapons. After the Taliban fled Kabul materials on making atomic weapons, as well as documents containing plans to abduct a US attache were found at the TIN office abandoned by them, the report by the White House press service reads. But it does not cite any details of the plan to kidnap an American diplomat.