George Bush Conceals Documents And Information On Activity And Failures Of Us Intelligence

US president George Bush has stated that, basing himself on his "constitutional authority", he reserves the right not to pass to the intelligence committees of the House of Representatives and of the US Senate information on the activity of US intelligence disclosure of which can do harm to foreign policy and national security, as well as to the activity of constitutional power in the country. Bush made this statement on Friday in connection with the signing of the law on financing intelligence activity of the USA for the year 2002. According to Bush, the budget law on intelligence, adopted this year, "unfortunately," contains a new article which says that the US administration must pass to the Congress committees written information on major intelligence activity or gross intelligence failures. Detailed and exact facts, as well as explanations on the operation of the intelligence service and its failures must be reported. The head of the White House said that, in his opinion, this provision of the budget law did not fully correspond to "the standards of respect and flexibility" in mutual relations between the legislative and executive power in "the delicate questions of intelligence". Bush added that this provision of the law would be interpreted by his administration in compliance with the official responsibility of the CIA director for defence of sources and methods of intelligence, as well as other exceptionally delicate questions.

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