Serb Block Urges Kosovo Parliament Constituent Session To Be Postponed

Serbs' Povratak coalition demands that the constituent session of the newly elected Kosovar Parliament be postponed against the scheduled date of December 10. Member of the Presidium of the Parliament Oliver Ivanovic has voiced this demand in Pristina airport. The discontent of the deputies and the announced decision, was explained by Ivanovic as accounted for by the inability of the UN mission in Kosovo, UNMIK, to ensure security of the deputies and reporters. The officials arrived by plane from Belgrade December 3 in the morning, planning an inspection of the site of the delegation's work and preparations for fulfilling their duties. However, the police barred a group of reporters from going out to the town, referring to the problem of security. Oliver Ivanovic considers this an obvious proof of the UNMIK inability to set up normal conditions for the Serb delegation's work, consisting of journalists and Povratak elections HQ members, leaving alone the elected deputies. Ivanovic alleged that the UN mission had been informed of the delegations' arrival 48 hours in advance, so it had time enough to ensure security rather than announce the impossibility of the reporters' work after they arrive in Pristina. As a sign of protest, the entire Serb delegation returned to Pristina airport and left for Belgrade in their full ranks.