Koran recital competition in Egypt

The Egyptian Prime Minister, Atef Ebied, opened the competition which started on Sunday and continues for three days in Egypt. Reciters from 60 countries are present at this unique event.

President Hosni Mubarak gave his backing to the Ministry of Religious Affairs in Egypt to set up the competition, taking place at the Al Azhar University, the most important Sunnite Islamic institution.

The archangel Gabriel revealed the word of Allah (God) to the prophet Mohammed, which Mohammed wrote down in the book called the Noble Qu’ran. Sunnite Moslems follow the teachings (Sunnah) and examples of Mohammed. Shi’ite Moslems follow the path chosen by Ali, a descendant of Mohammed (Shia ul’Ali means Party of Ali). Ali settled in what is today Iran, creating the sect within Islam which is predominant in that region.