Premier Of Ethiopia: The Fight Against Terrorism Requires All-round Cooperation At An International Level

The fight against terrorism requires "full and all-round cooperation at an international level," said Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi while lecturing to students and teachers at the Moscow Institute of International Relations. Simultaneously with this process, it is necessary to solve other problems of the day that "deal with the world's future," stressed Zenawi, adding that globalization, which divided people into the rich and the poor, was a potential source of terrorist activity. "Globalization has placed all of the world's peoples into one boat," said the Ethiopian premier. However, some of these peoples are enjoying life while others "live in abject poverty." In order to make the global fight against terrorism successful in a long-term outlook, it is equally necessary to fight "the circumstances that provide material for terrorist groups and organisations," said Zenawi. "Even if we fight terrorism effectively but fail to solve globalization problems, these problems will emerge in the future in the form of other threats to peace and prosperity." In the premier's opinion, the task calls for activation of the policy of economic development, which is the only way to fight poverty and hopelessness effectively.