Russian Field Hospital In Kabul Works At Full Capacity

The Russian field hospital, built within the framework of the humanitarian centre of the Russian emergencies ministry in Kabul, receives more than 200 people a day, that is two times more than it was planned. Additional medical workers from Russia and possibly from Tajikistan will arrive in Kabul later. Head of the humanitarian centre Valery Vostrotin reported from Kabul that Russian specialists render assistance to four out of 20 out-patient clinics functioning in the capital of Afghanistan. Touching upon the delivery to Kabul of the Russian humanitarian aid, which arrives in Dushanbe via a railway, Vostrotin stressed that these cargoes will be delivered to Afghanistan by motor transport. The shortest route from Dushanbe to Kabul via the Tajik Khorog and the Panjsher gorge in the north-eastern Afghanistan has been already chosen. The first convoy with 150 tons of humanitarian aid will soon go along it. At a session in Moscow emergencies minister Sergei Shoigu pointed to the need of restoring the tunnel at the Salang pass as soon as possible. The pass connects Kabul with the north of the country. Russia is ready, if it is be necessary, to render assistance to Afghanistan in restoring this most important transport facility, Shoigu pointed out. It was also stressed at the session that last week Russian field engineers rendered harmless 683 explosive devices in Afghanistan. Shoigu has given instructions to consider sending additional emergencies ministry's field engineers to Afghanistan.