Ukraine's Prime Minister On Russia-ukraine Energy, Military-technical Cooperation

Ukraine's Prime Minister Anatoli Kinakh notes serious advancement of Russian-Ukrainian cooperation in a series of sectors, such as the fuel-energy complex and the military-technical sphere. Appearing at a press conference in Moscow, the Ukrainian head of government spoke of positive dynamics in relations between Russia and Ukraine on the political plane, search for optimal decisions in cooperation in the trade-economic and humanitarian spheres. At a sitting of the intergovernmental commission on Tuesday, the sides reaffirmed successful implementation of the agreement on parallel work of the Russian and Ukrainian power systems and voiced readiness to deepen this work, said Kinakh. He noted an appreciable headway made in cooperation in the military-technical sphere. In his view, it is especially topical with account for the deep structural reforms going on at military-industrial enterprises and in the armed forces of Russia and Ukraine. The Ukrainian premier believes that the deepening of bilateral cooperation will make it possible to cut spending on the conduct of these reforms and combine efforts on external markets. In the opinion of Kinakh, Russia and Ukraine should establish transnational financial-industrial groups, large vertically integrated structures, think of active participation in the privatisation of strategic facilities, synchronisation and adaptation of national legislations.