Vladimir Putin Satisfied With Anti-terrorist Operation In Afghanistan

Russian President Vladimir Putin is satisfied in general with the outcome of the anti-terrorist operation in Afghanistan. Putin announced this in his interview to Greek newspapers Eleftherotypia and To Vima on the eve of his visit to Greece. The text of the interview was received from the presidential press service. "The Taliban are suffering great losses but still they are not defeated," Putin said. According to him, the Taliban "have thousands of secret and open supporters and a great number of weapons". "The key figures are still free. But the fight against international terrorism should not come to nothing more than combating the Taliban in Afghanistan. We should fulfil the Resolution on cutting off the financing of international terrorism. It is necessary to improve the international legal basis and to do many other things to achieve the turning point in the anti-terrorist struggle," the Russian President said. On the whole Vladimir Putin has "an optimistic view of the situation if the international community preserves the present attitude to rebuffing this threat".