Vladimir Putin Pleased With Progress In Russia-US Relations

President Vladimir Putin of Russia is pleased with the fact that "Russo-American relations are undergoing a positive transformation and new cooperation patterns are being established". The president said this in an interview with the Greek Eleftherotypia and To Vima newspapers, the text of which was circulated by the presidential press office. "We are leaving behind past developments, changing the very logics of our cooperation," said the president. "We certainly differ on some of the approaches, admitted the Russian leader. However, we are getting to understand that Russo-American rapprochement is not a tactical move but a strategic tendency." When dwelling on the US military presence in Central Asia, Vladimir Putin said the main objective of the moment was to do away with the hotbed of international terror in Afghanistan. As to a kind of involvement in the anti-terrorist struggle, each country, including CIS members, should decide on by their own, noted the president. We take trust in US officials' assurances that permanent military presence in Central Asia is not in plan, added President Putin.