Russian President On Russian-Greek Economic Projects

Russian president Vladimir Putin has announced that large-scale economic projects are currently being prepared by Russia and Greece. In his interview with the Greek newspapers Eleftherotypia and To Vima, the Russian president said that "a number of large-scale bilateral economic projects, first of all those related to oil and energy, is being developed". According to Putin, "the constructive position of Greece makes possible the participation of Russian specialists in the development of Greek gas infrastructure." For instance, in constructing a branch pipe of the Kulata-Athens main pipeline, an underground gasholder, a heat power plant in Florina. Another paramount issue is construction of the Burgas-Alexandropolis oil pipeline with the participation of Greece, Russia, and Bulgaria. "The realisation of this project would encourage business activity both in Greece and the Balkans as a whole," according to the president. He also said that investment cooperation was extremely profitable. "We have created favourable investment conditions," Putin stressed. He specified that it was true for middle and small businesses as well as for large manufacturers. As for the political dialogue, Putin said it was "intense". "We discuss the key issues of international life in a sincere manner, maintain fruitful cooperation on many issues of European and world politics," the Russian leader stated. He mentioned that the Greek president had visited Russia last year, while the Greek prime minister had been in Moscow in 2001. "My visit to Greece will take place in several days,", Putin noted. "The talks' intense agenda reveals that we can do much in the interests of the two countries and Europe as a whole," the president believes.