Al-Qaeda's Command Casualties Remain As Yet Unclear

Information about casualties of the Al-Qaeda's (a terrorist organisation led by Osama bin Laden) command is still controversial. Mohammad Zaman, a Pashtun field commander and the Police Chief of the Jelalabad city, claimed on Tuesday that Ali Mohammad, the finance aide to Al-Qaeda's leader, was killed and Aiman al-Zavahiri, the international terrorist number two, was killed as a result of the US two-day bombing strikes delivered to the Tora Bora sector 55 km South of Jelalabad. According to him, 12 Al-Qaeda's leaders and their families' members were killed or wounded in the Mailawu sector of the Wishnawui district of the Nangarhar province. The Americans stated that Zavahiri himself had not been wounded, but his wife and two daughters had been killed. The Al-Jazeera TV-station reported that the strikes claimed the life of his four daughter and the only son. Hazrat Ali, another Pashtun field commander, stated that his 2,000-strong units had been advancing in the Tora Bora sector facing no resistance. On the other hand, fierce fighting with Taliban troops forced Pashtun militia commanded by Galya Agi, the former governor of the Kandahar province, to abandon their positions in the nearby Kandahar airport. According to Agi, the retreat which took place in the late hours of Tuesday, was performed in accordance with American advice.