USA Activates Search Of Bin Laden In Three Afghan Districts

The USA is activating search for Osama bin Laden in three districts of Afghanistan, namely Kandahar, the fortress Tora Bora with its hardened caves situated 50 kilometres south of Jelalabad and a mountain stronghold, Mawal, 70 kilometres southwest of Jelalabad. As of Tuesday night, the operation near Jelalabad had a preparatory nature. No military operations were held in the areas near both mountain strongholds in the caves of which al-Qaeda militants and bin Laden might be hiding. The Fox TV company reports that British special forces servicemen started on Tuesday to explore one of the caves. Over 20 US special forces servicemen deployed in the area are waiting for re-enforcement units to arrive which is due on Thursday if Jelalalbad airport has been repaired by that time. So far the role of US special forces servicemen has been limited to the guidance of bombers and coordinating the operation with representatives of local armed formations who are now getting ready to storm Tora Bora. According to the latest reports, the total number of anti-Taliban coalition units concentrated near the mountains nears 3,000 people. Mohammad Zaman, one of the commanders, reported that the first stage of the operation would be blocking water supplies to the fortress and as a result, in a few days, he thinks, the task will be simpler to accomplish.