Bin Laden's Advisor Wounded In Airraid

Egyptian-born Ayman Al Zawahiri, an advisor to Osama bin Laden, was wounded and Al-Qaeda paymaster Ali Mahmood killed, Monday, in a US air attack on the mountainous area of Tora Bora near Jalalabad, centre of Afghanistan's eastern province of Nangarhar, according to Haji Zaman, in command of the provincial Pashtoon militia. Al Zawahiri in team with Osama bin Laden founded terrorist organization Al-Qaeda. Until May 1996, Al-Zawahiri led the Egyptian Islamic Jihad organization. He then spent three years in prison for an attempt to overthrow the Hosni Mubarak government and make Egypt an Islamic state. Also killed during the US air raid on the Al-Qaeda base near Tora Bora were 18 Arab and Pakistani fighters, including Ali Mahmood, bin Laden's paymaster, according to the Pashtoon commander. Zaman claims Osama bin Laden and hundreds of his fighters are still in the area.