The Producer Of Anthrax Spores, Used By Terrorists In The USA, Will Remain In The Shadow

Well-known expert in biological armaments, ex-head of the UN inspectorate for biological weapons Richard Sperzel said that scientists would never find out what laboratory or country produces anthrax spores which had been spread by terrorists through the postal service in the USA. He said this on Wednesday in the Foreign Relations Committee of the US Congress at the hearings on the theme - Russia, Iraq and other potential sources of anthrax. According to Sperzel, from the point of view of the purity and concentration, the anthrax spores which were found in the letter sent to the leader of the Senate majority, Senator (Dem.) Thomas Daschle, were better than those in the biological arms programmes of the USSR, the USA or Iraq. The former UN inspector also said that the anthrax spores, used by terrorists in the USA, could be made only by a certain group which must have been connected with any of the former state programmes for working out bacteriological armaments in the latest years.