The US Secretary Of State: The Fulfilment Of The Terms Of The Start-1 Treaty Is An Important Milestone In Dismantling The Heritage Of The Cold War

US Secretary of State Colin Powell qualified the fulfilment by Russia and the USA of the terms of the START-1 Treaty on the reduction of nuclear arsenals as an important milestone in dismantling the heritage of the Cold War. Powell's written statement, issued in Washington by the press service of the State Department, points out that on Wednesday Russia and the USA met the requirements of the START-1 Treaty, by having cut in the course of seven years the amount of their warheads by nearly a half - from ten to six thousand on each side. Having pointed out that the USA and Russia are no longer enemies, Colin Powell wrote that both states would continue the process of reducing their nuclear arsenals. During their recent meeting George W. Bush and Vladimir Putin stated their intention to make even "deeper cuts" in the offensive nuclear armaments, writes Colin Powell.