Saudi Newspaper Reports Mullah Omar's Resignation

Mullah Mohammad Omar, the spiritual leader of the Taliban movement, resigned from the post of the Taliban leader during Wednesday session of the movement's shura (council,) the Saudi Ar-Riyadh daily reported on Thursday. According to the newspaper, Mullah Omar set the mission to Mullah Mohammadai Baba, who is currently located in the Pakistani town of Quetta, to negotiate the surrender of Kandahar to Pushtun tribes, which do not cooperate with the United States. Before his resignation, Omar ordered to arrest and try two Taliban leaders who allegedly cooperated with the Americans. The Ar-Riyadh also reports that the Northern Alliance has extradited to India a group of Kashmir separatists who fought for the Taliban. The prisoners left Afghanistan on November 28 aboard the Indian aircraft, which had been specially sent to the Baghram air base in the vicinity of Kabul.