Belarussian Foreign Minister: Belarus Interested In Developing Good Relations With USA

Belarus is interested in developing bilateral and multilateral relations with the United States of America, Belarussian Foreign Minister Mikhail Khvostov said on Wednesday in an interview with the Minsk radio station Stolitsa/Capital/. Khvostov explained that Belarus as a political participant in the anti-terrorism coalition acting within the UN framework would be ready to provide information which could be of interest for the United States as well. "In addition to that, we are ready to cooperate in all the directions which both sides usually follow in discussing approaches to cooperation," the minister said. In this connection, Khvostov expressed disagreement with the political and economical discrimination of Belarus which, he said, "is being imposed by the US Department of State for political reasons." The Belarussian foreign minister saw no point in this as "Belarus and the United States do have prospects for cooperation." The minister said that the new political situation which had formed after the presidential election in Belarus was creating new circumstances for the development of effective bilateral relations.