Restoration Work To Take Place On Seelow Heights Memorial Complex

On Thursday for the first time since 1945 the statue of a Soviet victorious warrior dedicated to the victory of the USSR at Seelow Heights is to be removed from its foundation for renovation work. Seelow Heights is not far from Frankfurt-on-Oder in Germany. The memorial director Heidemarie Daher informed journalists that the statue is to be sent to experts at Beeskow on Thursday. There the rusting metallic pins, which hold the statue to the base will be changed. The memorial in the town of Seelow near Frankfurt-on-Oder was erected in honour of heroic deeds of the Soviet Army warriors during the Second World War. In the Winter of 1944-45, while crossing the Oder on route to Berlin, they fought fierce battles against Hitler's troops. More than 30,000 Soviet soldiers and officers were killed in this campaign, just 80-90 km from the Nazi den.