Vladimir Putin Hopes For Equitable Conditions For Russian Companies That Will Participate In Greek Tenders For Arms Supplies

Russia hopes that its companies will not be placed in inferior conditions, compared to other countries, when Greece holds tenders for arms supplies, Vladimir Putin said at a press conference which he gave on Thursday jointly with the president of Greece. Asked about Russian-Greek arms trade, the Russian leader said that "Russia has a very modest share" in arms purchases by Greece. He added, though, that "we do not lay claims to a special, exclusive role on the arms market in Greece." At the same time, he pointed out, Russia "has for centuries been a reliable partner" in military-technical cooperation with Greece. This is a "historical fact" which does not need any proof, he said. Greek President Konstantinos Stefanopoulos said that military-technical cooperation between Greece and Russia "is developing very well." He said he and Vladimir Putin had discussed "the possibility of improving" this interaction in the context of Russian arms supplies.