Pakistani Newspaper "Nava-i-Vakt" Accuses Washington of Attempts to Split Moslem Community

The Pakistani "Nava-i-Vakt" newspaper accused Washington of attempts to split the Moslem community.

According to the newspaper, "a tragedy of death and devastation is being played in the cradle of the ancient civilization and a center of Islam." According to the report of the RIA Novosti correspondent, mass media of a number of Islamic states expressed extreme concern in connection with negative effect of the use of force against Iraq on the general atmosphere in the Moslem world.

In particular, the Malaysian Utusan Malaysia newspaper published the editorial under the title of "America fighting against Islam." This position was shared by a number of Indonesian newspapers.

Mass media of many Islamic states point out that though Washington and its allies are doing their best to present the war as an operation to liberate Iraq, the Moslem East more and more perceives it as a war against Islam.