Belarus Denounces Iraqi Aggression: Lukashenko

Belarus unanimously denounces US aggression in Iraq, said President Alexander Lukashenko as he was addressing the nation on Khatyn mourning day.

"Many are loath to learn history's lessons. Once again, they are challenging the human race to push it into the abyss," said the President. Current Iraqi war is specially cynical as the USA shrugged off the global opinion to prepare its attack long beforehand, pointed out Mr. Lukashenko as he expressed regret that peaceloving countries had failed to pool in war-prevention efforts.

Belarus today commemorated the martyrs of Khatyn, a village whose entire population a nazi punitive squad burned alive sixty years ago this day. Three million Belarussians perished in World War II. German occupiers razed to the ground more than two hundred Belarussian towns, ten thousand villages, and 200,000 farms and industrial enterprises, said President Lukashenko.

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Author`s name: Editorial Team