Islamic Leaders and Arab Countries' Theologians Support Referendum in Chechnya

Supreme muftis of the Arab countries as well as theologians and leaders of Islamic religious organisations support the referendum in Chechnya. Supreme muftis and respectable theologians of Egypt, Libya, Syria, Morocco, Iran, Turkey and leaders of Islamic movements and organisations have made encouragement statements.

"A referendum does not conflict with the Shariah norms. Moreover, it is the duty of Moslems," Supreme Mufti of the Arab republic of Egypt Ahmad Al-Tayyeb said in his statement.

One of the most respectable religious thinkers of modern Turkey Ferthullah Gulen, in his turn, believes a referendum to be "the right way towards peace in the North Caucasus." "The coming referendum in Chechnya is an incontestably right and decisive step of Russian President Vladimir Putin. I am convinced that the referendum and the coming elections will create an atmosphere of stability and mutual understanding in the region," he pointed out.

Moreover, the Chechen referendum has been supported by representatives of the World Islamic Call Association /Tripoli/. "The referendum scheduled to take place on March 23rd is a crucial and positive step in the process of peaceful settlement of the Chechen conflict," the association's statement reads.

Ayatollah Taskhiri from Iran's religious centre, the city of Kum, also urged Chechen Moslems to participate in the referendum. "The referendum will mark the beginning of peaceful settlement of problems in Chechnya, Russia's integral republic," he said.

"We bless the referendum and hope Chechen people will use this right to determine their fate," one of the most influential Islamic theologians, Supreme Sheikh of Cairo Al-Ahzar University Muhammad Al Sayyed Al Tantawi stated.

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