Minsk Reinforces Guard of Diplomatic Missions

In connection with the beginning of the US military operation against Iraq, Minsk reinforced the guard of diplomatic missions, Viktor Sviridenko, head of the Department for diplomatic missions and consulates guard of the Okhrana association under the Belarussian Interior Ministry, told RIA Novosti.

In his words, Okhrana guards 36 embassies, 13 consulates, as well as representative offices of the Red Cross, UN and other international organizations.

Sviridenko, in particular, noted that on request from the American ambassador, a number of additional measures were agreed upon with the embassy's security service, and the sides were "pleased with the results." In his words, Okhrana officers use the experience of their Russian colleagues in their work. A lot of those means that are used by Muscovites when guarding foreign missions are now also employed by Belarussians, Sviridenko reported.