Russian, US Scientists Unite to Fight against Cyber Terrorism

Russian and American scientists realise the necessity to unite their efforts to fight against cyber terrorism, believes Deputy Secretary of the Russian Security Council Valentin Sobolev.

He said this after the session of the Russian-American Scientific Committee on the fight against high-tech terrorism, held on Wednesday at the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Security Council's press service informed RIA Novosti.

"As the processes of globalisation and urbanisation go on and the public infrastructure changes its quality, high-tech terrorism becomes a real factor that is able to influence the destiny of the civilised development," Sobolev believes.

Russia is a consistent advocate of the strategy of creating "a global system to counteract new threats and challenges", he emphasised. In this connection he named a range of problems related to counteracting cyber terrorism, and expressed his certainty that "the scientific community, united in the interests of their countries' national security and of humankind on the whole, is a sign of a new time and a new political reality".