Brute Force Applied on Iraq to Result in More Impudence

The use of "brute force" in Iraq will bring about "only much more impudence," nothing more, the official spokesman for the Iranian government, Abdollah Ramazanzade, told reporters, commenting on the intentions of the United States to start a military operation in the region.

He underscored that in the 21st century mankind had to resolve their differences through negotiations. "Iran supports the coalition for peace in the region," stated the government spokesman.

In the opinion of Abdollah Ramazanzade, "in the past two decades the Middle East witnessed obvious manifestations of political impudence, and this time the region will not survive one more war." "Iran is convinced that it is necessary to create conditions for the Iraqi people so that they will be able to determine their political regime and leadership without any foreign or internal pressure," said the official spokesman for the Iranian government.

"The statements by the US President have no logic, and I hope that the American leadership will heed to the public opinion," said Ramazanzade.

"No state has the right to use force against others for achieving its aim; if the United Nations does not give permission, war has no legal basis. Therefore, we are against war," added the spokesman for the government of the Islamic Republic.

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