Chinese Premier: Chinese-Russian Relations Will Develop on a Stable Basis

Chinese-Russian relations will develop on a stable basis and rest on the joint efforts of the two countries, new Premier of the PRC State Council Wen Jiabao stated at a press conference in Beijing on Tuesday.

According to him, "the stable development of Chinese-Russian relations meets the interests of the two countries' peoples".

He also noted that Chinese-Russian strategic partnership had grown considerably stronger of late. In this connection, the Premier stressed the particular importance of the inter-governmental treaty on good-neighbourliness, friendship and co-operation, signed in Moscow two years ago, for both countries.

Wen Jiabao spoke highly of the establishment of the Shanghai Co-operation Organisation (SCO). "All the members of this organisation will intensify the consultations on the most important international problems and make a contribution of their own to the promotion of peace and security and provision of general development," he said.