Indian Premier Visit Postponed

Due to the Iraq and the international situation the Indian Prime Minister with a high level delegation consisting nearabout fifty journalists has postponed their visit which was planned to start from 28th of this month.As per the programme the Indian premier was supposed to visit Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Syria. Since airspace of Pakistan is closed for all Indian aircrafts and the PM's aircraft would by flying too close to the war zone area hence concerned Indian security agency decided to cancel the trip for sometime,added senoir diplomat in Tashkent.The diplomat also said that to manage the Iraq situation it would be better for the Pm to be in the capital city of India. In the meantime the Director General of India-CIS, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Dr.B.C.Mallik told this correspondent that the Indian Trade Exhibition at Tashkent will be held from 24-26 March, announced earlier.The exhibition will cover Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, Tea, Coffee,Jewellery,Hospital eqipments,telecom and Food Processing plant etc. Aloke Shekhar Uzbekistan Special to PRAVDA.Ru